Image Lock PEA - Encryption of Pictures, Fotos, Images

Pea with lock

Image Lock PEA

Password Encryption Archive (PEA)

Type: Self-decrypting Archive,
Encryption of JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP picture encryption, image encrypton, foto encryption, self-decrypting archive, password hashing, password encryption, Java

Available languages: English, German

Download Version 0.1: Image Lock PEA 0.1 as zip file

Screenshots: Password Dialog, Image Lock PEA,

OS: Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac and any OS with JVM

Used library: Bouncy Castle lightweight cryptography API

Current Version: 0.1

Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) / OpenJDK 6 or higher

Size: about 200 KiB

Available cryptographic algorithms:
  • Key Derivation Function:
    • Catena-Dragonfly
    • Catena-Butterfly
    • Scrypt
    • Pomelo
  • Cipher (EAX-Mode):
    • AES
    • Threefish
  • Hash function:
    • Blake2b
    • SHA-512
    • Skein


License: Gnu Public License

Source Code (Download): Image Lock PEA 0.1 source as zip file

Encrypted Images

Image Lock PEA protects photos, drawings, and documents with a password. Thanks to the integrated viewer the images are never stored unencrypted on the hard disk, but are held only in the memory.

Password Dialog Password dialog to open the Image Lock PEA

Because all documents can be easily converted in image formats like png, bmp, gif or jpg, the Image Lock PEA is also suitable to display all sorts of documents with a little more effort.

Image Lock PEA uses functions to derive the key from the password, that protect against attackers with a high budget (availability of ASICs, FPGAs).
The authenticated Encryption (EAX mode) ensures the integrity and authenticity in addition to confidentiality.
The Image Lock PEA offers the possibility to export the encrypted images unencrypted. Different images can be managed by one PEA and can be encrypted with different passwords.
Note: The Image Lock PEA is not suitable for managing a large number of images, because each image needs to be encrypted individually.

Image display of Image Lock PEA Image Lock PEA

Download Version 0.1

Default PEA
Key Derivatio Function: Catena-Dragonfly
Cipher (EAX-Mode): Threefish
Hash Function: Blake2b
(tar archive, Size: 187 KiB)
(zip file, Size: 187 KiB)

Image Lock PEA with construction image Image Lock PEA
Downloads for other Cryptographic Primitives:
Key Derivation - Cipher - Hash (zip file)
If the Image Lock PEA does not meet your expectations, you can take a look at Alternatives (other open source programs for similar purposes).

How to use

Start the Jar Archive

You need OpenJDK, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or something similar. On most systems there is at least one available.
These PEAs are single Java jar archives, a file with the extension "jar". If you are familiar with jar archives, you can skip the following part.

Linux, BSD systems and Mac OS and other UNIX like systems: unpack the compressed download file (tar or unzip), store it for example in your home folder, change in the directory in konsole and type: java -jar YOUR_ARCHIVE.jar or try to double click the file
Windows: Normally you can open the jar archive just by a double click. But sometimes other programs overwrites this possibility and instead unpack the jar archive. In this case you can change the default program to open a jar archive or use the terminal, change in the directory of your archive and type java -jar YOUR_ARCHIVE.jar or try to double click the file windows_start_imagePEA.bat
opened file lock PEA Initializing Image Lock PEA
Initialization: First Start

The first time you start the Image Lock PEA, the program will initialize. You are asked for a password and an image file. You can reset the password later in the menu.


Pea Producing Factory

Image Lock PEA is part of the PeaFactory, a program to produce password encrypting archives for several purposes.
Like the Image Lock PEA PeaFactory is open source and is available at the PeaFactory Website. With PeaFactory you can create Image Lock PEAs with much more cryptographic algorithms, Image Lock PEAs with a key file property and also PEAs for file and folder encryption or encrypted notes.