General Informations about Browser Notebook

Local Storage of your Browser

The text is stored in your browser (it's local storage), it is not stored anywhere else than on your own PC or Smartphone.

You can't open this text from any other device or in any other browser - unless you export/import the encrypted content as JSON file.


      ... the text is lost.

Remember to export the text as file or to store to Dropbox beforehand.


In some browsers you can easily export or import the text as encrypted file. In other browsers, you have to manually copy or paste the encrypted content (workaround). For this you need a file manager and a basic editor. On mobile devices, these are often not installed by default.

Cloud Access

From version 0.5 you can upload/download files to/from Dropbox.
Note: The contents of your files are encrypted, but the meta data is not. For example the cloud provider is able to register the title and length of your files.
You can't access the cloud in local mode (if you download the browser notebook and run it on your local file system).
You need to enable Dropbox support manually: just click the button in the menu. Dropbox uses some trackers even if it is not used. To prevent this, the Dropbox library is dynamically loaded only when needed.


It is possible to insert images, but it is recommended to use them sparingly. The images are reduced in size and embedded in the code so that they can be encrypted. Many images are likely to not only degrade performance, but may also cause a space problem.


Browser Notebook is written in pure JavaScript. The advantage is that no download, installation or registration is required, but not all web browsers do support all JavaScript features...

Browser Support

Browser Version Betriebssystem Offline-Modus Bekannte Probleme Export/Import Export/Import (Zwischenablage)
Firefox 104.0.1 Linux Yes No Yes Yes
Firefox 104.0.1 Windows Yes No Yes Yes
Firefox 104.2.0 Android No No Yes Yes
Chrome 105.0.5195.102 Windows Yes No Yes Yes
Chromium 104.0.5112.101 Linux Yes No Yes Yes
Chrome 103.0.5060.129 Android Yes No Yes Yes
Jelly Browser 2.1 LineageOS 18 Yes Dropbox fails No Yes
Jelly Browser 12 LineageOS 19 No Dropbox fails No Yes
Brave Browser 1.43.98 Linux Yes No Yes Yes
Edge 105.0.1343.27 Windows Yes No Yes Yes
Safari 15 iOS No No No Yes, but tricky

Where is my content stored?

The text is stored in a browser specific path on your local disk. There is no default path, but mostly it is stored in your profile folder as sqlite file.
For example:

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