General Informations about Browser Notebook


The text is stored in your browser (it's local storage), it is not stored anywhere else than on your own PC.
You can't open this text from any other device or in any other browser - unless you use export/import.
The text is stored and can be exported/imported as a JSON file with an encrypted content.


... the text will be lost.
Remember to save (export) the text beforehand.

Browser Support

Browser Version Operating System Offline Mode Known issues
Firefox 57.0.4 Linux, Windows, Android Yes No
Firefox 57.04 iOS ? Export manually, but no import
Chrome 63.0.3239.132 Windows Yes No
Chromium 63.0.3239.84 Linux Yes No
Chrome 63.0.3239.111 Android Yes No
Edge 40.15063.674.0 Windows No No
Internet Explorer 11.674.15063.OIC Windows No No
Vivaldi 1.13.1008.36 Windows No No
Opera 12.17 Windows Yes Export fails
Safari 5.1.4 Windows Yes Export & Import fails
Safari iPhone 5 / iOS 10.3.3 iOS ? Export & Import fails
Brave Browser 0.19.134 (beta stage) Linux Yes No
Brave Browser 1.0.40 Android 7.1.2 Yes (with enabled third party cookies, although not used) No
Konqueror ? Linux ? ?

Where is my content stored?

The text is stored in a browser specific path on your local disk. There is no default path, but mostly it is stored in your profile folder as sqlite file.
For example: