Manual for Browser Notebook

There is no need for registration, download or installation.
Browser Notebook is ready to use unless you want to use it offline.

The text is stored in a browser specific path on your local disk.
  1. Type and confirm your password in the corresponding fields
    password and confirm fields

  2. Type or paste the text you want to be stored in the text area

  3. Click the save button to encrypt and store the current text
    password and confirm fields

  4. Click the quit button to save and close
    password and confirm fields

Alternative: Click import button, upload previously created file and enter the password

The next time you open this page, all you have to do is enter your password.
You can change you password: Click the change password button, type and retype your new password and don't forget to click the save button.


You can export your encrypted text as file and upload (import) the file in another browser. This is a kind of manual, provisional backup and can also be used for synchronization.
Workaround: If the export fails, you can display the encrypted content, copy the text from the second line and save it as file under the first line as file name.

Offline Usage

You can use Browser Notebook also without web access. Download the zip file, uncompress and open the html file (en/notes.html) with your browser.

Note: This will not work with Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, because of security restriction ( - a strange policy to allow storage for any web site, but not for local files).

Download (Version 0.6-beta):
(Size: 77,5 KiB)
MD5 checksum: 38744845b8e14e179e79229c96c2f924
SHA-256: 594571fc4195de55ad36a56973ceae612357afd1f78faa6f873020a9f112bf1f