Calendar Lock PEA - Data at Rest Protection

Protected Archived Calendar Data

Unlike data in daily use (active data or data in motion), we need a lot of data only in exceptional cases. An example is calendar data from years ago.

For security reasons, it makes sense to store this data separately from the active data and to protect it in a special way. This is encryption at rest.

Different Levels of Security

Separating data at rest from data in use allows you to create different levels of security.

A tricky point with password encryption from a developer's perspective is key derivation. A compromise must be found between the time a user is willing to wait and the level of security. For data at rest, this tradeoff is different than for data in daily use.

Separating old calendar dates

The Calendar Lock PEA allows you to store all events before a certain date encrypted into an extra file. By this first step, these dates will no longer be encrypted in memory every time you open Calendar Lock PEA.

This extra file of the dormant data can then be opened separately and the security level adjusted. Usually this means that the parameters for the key derivation function are increased.

This file can also be stored in another place (USB stick, external hard drive) and thus physically separated from the other data.

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