Calendar Lock PEA - Compatibility with other Applications

calendar  Other Calendar Applications

In general, you can import calendar files from many applications into Calendar Lock PEA and use exported PEA files in other applications: Mozilla's Lightning Calendar, Korganizer, Evolution, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook Calendar and most other calendar applications.

And of course you can import publicly available events in the format of ics files.


As with all calendar applications, individual properties of events that are not implemented in the respective application can be lost during import and export.

So far, the Calendar Lock PEA uses a basic set of properties, which is to be gradually expanded with every new release. That means, that you will loose some properties like the event category or location at the moment if import an ICS file. Recurring events are basically supported, but more far-reaching specifications of recurrence rules like every second Monday of the third month are not yet displayed correctly.

file with code  ICS Files and iCalendar Specification

Calendar files formatted according to the specification have an extension .ics.

Calendar Lock PEA encrypts these files and decrypts them in the memory if needed.

ICS files are defined in several standards. The most important of these is RFC 5545. Thanks to this specification, calendar data can be exchanged between applications.

The new RFC 7986 draft from 2016 is still not very popular. Instead, there are several unofficial extensions of RFC 5545 in use. In Calendar Lock PEA you are able to import external ICS files with some of the old property formats and you can export ICS files from the Calendar Lock PEA to use in other applications either in the new standard (RFC 7986) or in the old one with some non-standardized but widely used properties (RFC 5545 only).

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