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Latest Version: Image Lock PEA 1.2

(zip file, Size: 1.4 MiB)

MD5: 4cff1a2cdeecae23d0ae2678c94c33dc
SHA-256: ec39b8d7f819a858b5765eec5939a622713e23e9e49ec92acaac455b0bc325c2

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Key Derivation Function: Catena-Dragonfly, Argon2
Cipher (EAX-Mode): Threefish, AES-256
Hash Function: Blake2b, SHA-3
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Current standard PEA as tar archive
(compressed tar archive, 1.4 MiB)

MD5: 4a32d6c766c043e2c962822f472e5161
SHA-256: e2a63e055228c2e0f39f8d9835bfac6dae6889f91d78e187623820640b2a1159

Image Lock PEA mit Konstruktionszeichnung Image Lock PEA

What's new in version 1.2?

  • Chooseable algorithms: Catena or Argon2 as KDF, Threefish or AES-256 as cipher, Blake2b or SHA-3 as hash, and several instances of KDFs
  • Limited cloud support: Download encrypted image files
  • Password hide and see per check box
  • Accessibility: Focus is more visible, larger buttons and checkboxes
  • Minor Bugfixes: Using with multiple operating systems and/or multiple monitors
  • Requires now Java 8

Thanks to all who have improved, tested or reviewed Image Lock PEA or other PEAs.

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