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Latest Version: Image Lock PEA 1.4

(zip file, Size: 1.6 MiB)

MD5: 29ec37693bceb6e054f7d805540a8429
SHA-256: d1446d8b7e6d7ed50c3c2d8b1003cce4456ddd04e1fca9f9a478d86dc6a21d2a

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Key Derivation Function: Catena-Dragonfly, Argon2
Cipher (EAX-Mode): Threefish, AES-256, Serpent
Hash Function: Blake2b, SHA-3, SHA-512
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Current standard PEA as tar archive
(compressed tar archive, 1.6 MiB)

MD5: 8eed60d280cbe07ead05b1949e1c154a
SHA-256: ac37dae454542a80831114a3e0b8e186c9216942b09c8d4bb8303364a8a5c5dd

Image Lock PEA mit Konstruktionszeichnung Image Lock PEA

What's new in version 1.4?

  • Show all images as slideshow
  • Show metadata in encrypted mode (experimental) mainly for jpg and png files
  • Additional default cryptographic algorithms: Serpent as cipher, SHA-512 as hash function
  • Accessibility extended: Keyboard control, close dialogs with ESC...
  • Command line mode: Allows calling via the command line and skipping the opening dialogue
  • Several minor improvements

Thanks to all who have improved, tested or reviewed Image Lock PEA or other PEAs.

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