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Latest Version: Calendar Lock PEA 1.0 (stable)

(zip file, size: 424,5 KiB) MD5 checksum: 106fbcad196ce4c74f0f6e5ec07c986c
SHA-256: 1970c93981231d97774b0a833d02ccdfa78f3d2614c04a9b0d2ac92505357288
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Key Derivation Function: Catena-Dragonfly
Cipher (EAX-Mode): Threefish
Hash Function: Blake2b
Source Code (Download):

Other Versions

Current standard PEA as tar archive
(compressed tar archive, 423,9 KiB)
MD5 checksum: f4fc5c65149987a159b69ade14d077c0
SHA-256: 0977f59ae9a79c196fb7d46ea3eb553c40f0a701f18af88a838c7c0d3ce960ea

Calendar Lock PEA: main frame with week view Calendar Lock PEA: Week View

Version Log

From 0.3-beta to 0.4-beta

  • Week view
  • Status property: strike through for canceled, question mark for tentative in EventInfo
  • Recurrence Rule (additional to daily, weekly, monthly, yearly recurrence rules with end by count or date):
    • Several specific weekdays for monthly and yearly rules like the "second Monday" and "the third-last Wednesday" of a month and weekdays for weekly rules
    • Intervals like "every two days" or "every three years"
    • Several recurrences on specific dates (RDATE)
    • exception dates of the recurrence rule
  • Character encoding with Circumflex as described in RFC 6868
  • Bug fixes:
    • Import of ics files with count property counted one occurrence too little
    • Imported calendars without a name were all named equal
    • Events starting at 0:00 were displayed at 1:00
    • Monthly events at 31. of a month were displayed incorrectly in special cases (month view: two occurrences of the event)
  • MonthPanel: day of week names localized
Download Version 0.3-beta.

From 0.4-beta to 1.0 (stable)

  • Usability: Property setting for PEA (background color, font size), settings for calendar (start time, colors...)
  • Usability: Remembers last location and size, Drag&Drop of calendar files in password dialog
  • Bug fixes:
    • Several click on OK button when decryption works resulted in adding calendars several times
    • If an event starts at 0:00h, the end time was displayed incorrect (one hour earlier)
    • Before 1h and after 23h, the info window was not opened when the mouse entered the button. Also at this time the events were not opened by a mouse click
    • Line of hour 23 was above the events after 23h
    • End times after 23h were displayed incorrect (until 23:00)
    • Reading date-times with TZID and other parameters after TZID failed
    • Only VALUE or TZID could be considered, now both of them, other parameters are ignored
  • Accessibility: Accessible description (English only) for all items and buttons if there is no tool tip text, enable basic swing accessibility support for most classes (still incomplete)
  • GUI: Small modifications
    • extra background color of day view and week view if date is today
    • Panel to set recurrence beside event setting
  • Code: JUnit test class for ICalDateTimeHelper, Test Class for ReadICal
Download Version 0.4-beta.

Thanks to all who have improved, tested or reviewed Calendar Lock PEA or other PEAs.