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Contact PEA is in beta stage. There could still be minor bugs. Feedback is welcome: peafactory at

Latest Version: Contact PEA 0.5-beta

(zip file, size: 1.8 MiB) MD5 checksum: 392d05e8c9f1942006e6ebc18f22dd77
SHA-256: 69fe513d655cf21343ccfe9ae8de0f4ed5a4d655fb18a934f3ed82a8f3fa9974
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Key Derivation Function: Catena-Dragonfly, Argon2
Cipher (EAX-Mode): Threefish, AES-256. Serpent
Hash Function: Blake2b, SHA-3, SHA-512
Source Code: Download source code as zip file

Other Versions

Current PEA as tar archive
(compressed tar archive, 1.8 MiB)
MD5 checksum: 554702b8dd59527c3d943b2b7b6b89f7
SHA-256: 51a59e0610545e57a4752a870be98b08875b89133ee7321ff1f580ed787fe622

Version Log

From 0.1-alpha to 0.2-alpha

Download version 0.1-alpha
  • Sort contacts by first name, last name or city
  • Search in names, phone numbers...
  • Copy and paste contacts encrypted between address books, export and print contacts
  • Images for buttons (print, export...)
  • Open addresses in browser (OSM), write mails in default email provider

From 0.2-alpha to 0.3-beta

Download version 0.2-alpha
  • Categories: Show only contacts with specific categories
  • Property URL
  • Parameters: TYPE, PREF, LANGUAGE
  • Extra setting of work and home properties
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes

From 0.3-beta to 0.4-beta

Download version 0.3-beta
  • Properties: KIND: INDIVIDUAL, GROUP with MEMBERs and ORG (organization)
  • Properties TITLE, ORG, ROLE
  • Keyfile only mode: Instead of a password, the data can also be opened with a keyfile only.
  • Direct start mode: The address books are opened directly (in keyfile only mode) without password input and without file selection.
  • The language pack of the language cn, cz, de, es, en, fr, gr, id, it, jp, kr, lv, nl, pl, ro, ru, tr, ua is optionally installed at the first start (or later) if it is the user's default language.
  • Same file names with different content can no longer be opened at the same time

From 0.4.beta to 0.5-beta

Download version 0.4-alpha
  • exe file for Windows, icon in taskbar when PEA is started
  • Login into cloud provider improved
  • Update of used libraries
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes

Thanks to all who have improved, tested or reviewed Contact PEA or other PEAs.

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