Notebook PEA - version log and old versions

Version log

Test Version 0.1-test
The first test version was released in December 2015.
Beta Version 0.1-beta
  • It is easier to handle multiple texts with one notebook PEA. The available text files are displayed with their location and you can choose one.
  • It is easier to initialize a new text file. When you start the PEA, a menu appears and you can simply create a new encrypted text file with it's own password.
  • The password is tested before the integrity of the text is checked. An authentication failure can thus be distinguished from a wrong password. This is important because for example, also disk errors do result in a failed authentication.
  • Extra: A virtual keyboard to prevent key loggers.
  • Import of text and RTF files.
  • Minor changes, mainly for better usability.
Version 0.1 (stable)
  • Usabilty of the virtual keyboard
  • Catena-Dragonfly version v3.3 using a public input along with the Salt replaces version v3.2.
  • HKDF replaces a simple hash function for key expansion and the initial hash.
  • Better language support, usability and some code cleanup.
Version 0.2
  • Improvement of the internal proactive password-strenght meter: Display of the strength while typing a new password, small list of most common passwords, consideration of prefixes, suffixes and some leet transformations
  • new GUI: Nimbus Look & Feel
  • possibility to edit the file in which the paths of the encrypted files are stored
  • button bar for some text formatting
  • more formatting options (colors, text alignment)
  • minor improvement in usability (positions of the windows and dialogs, help menu)
  • fix of small errors (start script also works for Linux Mint, display password-strength, even when using the character tables ...)
Version 1.0
  • Several text files can now be managed simultaneously, without restarting the program or re-entering the password.
  • Small changes in appearance.
  • A wait cursor indicates that the program is working.
  • fix of small errors (position of dialogs, space deleted in path file, width of password generator...)
Version 1.1
  • Java default accessibility support for custom components, accessible descriptions for images and icons (accessibility is still incomplete)
  • Managing several encrypted files and folders (tree view...)
  • Short cuts for character tables and virtual keyboard
  • Accessibility for visually impaired: set font size for session
  • start helper file for UNIX: find a appropriate Java version (will work for future versions).
  • Small GUI modifications: Different background colors encrypted and plain text, padlock symbol for encrypted status
  • Small usability improvements: File chooser starts at last selected folder, error messages if import of RTF/TXT failed, compatibility option for new files.
  • Backward compatibility with 1.6 before update 10
Version 1.2
  • General settings for text area background, default font color, size and family, settings for color and font size of the PEA
  • Remembers last size and location
  • Accessibility: accessible description for all items and buttons if there is no tool tip text (english only),
  • Drag&Drop of files in the password dialog
  • Bug fixes:
    • When the application was closed with quit item instead of close button, the keys in RAM were not cleared immediately (this is the first known non-critical security issue)
    • Several click on OK button when decryption works, resulted in unexpected behavior
Version 1.3
  • cloud access for Nextcloud, Owncloud and other providers, that support WebDAV
  • search function: searching for a word in the opened text
  • look for program updates in the menu
  • Same file name and content is now opened in one tab (and changes automatically saved in all)
  • Bug fix: When only the format was changed but not the text, changes were not saved automatically

Version 1.4
  • Libraries for cloud support were replaced so that the program runs now with Java 8 up to Java 17 and probably further versions
  • You can choose various algorithms: Catena or Argon2 as KDF, Threefish or AES-256 as cipher, Blake2b or SHA-3 as hash
  • The GUI is more accessible: larger resizable buttons that better show focus, better keyboard accessibility
  • Cloud performance: authorize only once to a provider
  • Imported RFT files are checked for probably malicious code (object linking and embedding)
  • Minor usability improvements: Simplified cloud provider login, checkbox to (de)select all files if many files are present, remove files from list by right click...
  • Several minor bug fixes

Version 1.5
  • Default format is now HTML (RTF still supported).
  • Fix of a security related bug: if the password change process was started and aborted without a password, then the content was encrypted with a null password instead of the process being aborted.
  • Import of and export as HTML files.
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes (font size up 32, when several encrypted files inside of directories were opened, no scheme was selected by default, additional hints for import/export...)

Version 1.6
  • Setting of algorithms and parameters, key files can be added as a second security factor to the password.
  • Changing and installing languages, additional languages: TK, ES, FR, RU
  • Open encrypted files and initialize new files in the text editor.
  • GUI of text editor improved.
  • Convert HTML to RTF, option to automatically search for updates and other minor features.
  • Accessibility: Keyboard access improved.
  • Several minor bugfixes

Version 1.7
  • Button to make links clickable or to make text editable appears always when many links are present or if set from menu if any link is present
  • Import bookmark files like exported files from browsers as links
  • Header H1-H6 for HTML files
  • Starting the program in the console and quick start with scripts
  • Additional default cryptographic algorithms: Serpent as cipher, SHA-512 as hash function
  • Accessibility improved.

Download old versions

All files are zip files.
Key derivation function is Catena-Dragonfly, cipher is Threefish-512, hash function is Blake2b.