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Latest Version: File Lock PEA Version 1.2

(zip file, Size: 1.6 MB) MD5 checksum: 5721582834add71e68fa245e8b0e9bc4
SHA-256: b3b1c9af01ffd1f0002d49d0c76d7c9d35659e1c156a9301a40e1a832a50e972
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Key Derivation Function: Catena-Dragonfly
Cipher (EAX-Mode): Threefish
Hash Function: Blake2b
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Other Versions

Current standard PEA as tar archive
(compressed tar archive, 1.6 MB)
MD5 checksum: 149ba18ff22f6f04d3d560af3d99c510
SHA-256: f6b660da4ae2f8d4332a96d326fe9cf2e39a4fb92481c951950afd1086f56551

You can find downloads of old versions and a version log at the version log site.

Thanks to all who have improved, tested or reviewed File Lock PEA or other PEAs.

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