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Version 0.4.0-beta

(zip file, size: 24,5 MiB) MD5: 5509cc606680b10d8f55686f286db22a
SHA-256: 0a21f5280cc9f19697d3f4c16ba102ffb60d65842f1e0881d009ec7ef705e982
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Source Code (Download):

PeaFactory as tar archive
(compressed tar archive, 38,5 KiB)
MD5 checksum: 5f018aab293e58db4fbd5a658b924c30
SHA-256: 0c404dfc782e6b16968b27c16d0c2204fe77263cee25b5276373264124343006

Previous version

Version 0.3.0-beta (2019) for
  • Notebook PEA 1.2
  • File Lock PEA 1.1
  • Image Lock PEA 1.1
  • Calendar Lock PEA 1.0
peafactory-0.3.0-beta as zip MD5 checksum: e3e36be3a52aa878042ca7e8d2f54ab9
SHA-256: d028764dff15832877da65f711fe0d982f20c01f49e5c3a82341c80d4db698ae

peafactory-0.3.0-beta as tar MD5 checksum: beb7154c853a3326ecbed7dcbabf1b16
SHA-256: c315a10d669228f863db3879cbf419f9f3c9f5a7665815bcd884c2a5c4fd8cd9

Version Log from 0.3.0-beta to 0.4.0-beta

  • For most changes: see version log of PEAs (cloud support...).
  • Algorithms: RIPEMD320 and SHA-384 removed, added: LEA, Kalyna (DSTU7624), RC6, Blake3
  • Several bugfixes, some likely to persist - this is a beta version

Thanks to all who have improved, tested or reviewed Calendar Lock PEA or other PEAs.