License of Peafactory and all single PEAs

GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2.0

Peafactory makes extensive use of Bouncy Castles Java Cryptography APIs.

All originally for PeaFactory written code is under GPL v2 (Copyleft) with some exceptions:
  • The Bcrypt implementation was included in Bouncy Castles Java cryptography API and is now also available under Bouncy Castles MIT-like license.
  • The Catena implementation will probably become a part of Bouncy Castle in future.
  • The Blake2b implementation also was included in Bouncy Castle and is now also available under the MIT-like license.
  • Modifications of the CMAC for other block sizes became the Bouncy Castle implementation of CMAC.
See: GNU Public License Version 2 and Bouncy Castle License.

Eclipse Public License - v 1.0

Peafactory contains a compiler, the Eclipse Compiler for Java, which is under the Eclipse Public License, see: EPL v1.