License of Peafactory and all single PEAs

GNU General Public License

All originally for PeaFactory written code is under GPL v2 (Copyleft) with some exceptions:
  • The Bcrypt implementation was originally released under the LGPL license, but is now also available under the Bouncy Castle license (since it was included in the Bouncy Castle Crypto API). The same applies to the Blake2b implementation.
  • The Catena implementation is published under the GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1
See: GNU Public License Version 2, GNU Lesser General Public License and Bouncy Castle License for more details.

Bouncy Castles

Peafactory makes extensive use of Bouncy Castles Java Cryptography APIs, which are published under a MIT-like license.

Cloud Support

For cloud support PeaFactory uses several libraries which are published under Apache License Version 2.0, see: Apache Licenses. This also applies to the WebDAV client oil sardine, which is actually a pure Java adaptation of Grizzly Labs sardine-android for the PeaFactory.