Short Manual to Start PeaFactory

If you are familiar with jar archives, you don't need this manual.
Just start PeaFactory by running the jar archive peafactory.jar or one of the scripts.
That's all.
If you have never run a jar archive before, this guidance might help you.

Running on Unix like Systems

You can either use the konsole or your file manager. Some of the following steps need to be performed only once (making files executable), others hopefully never (running in rescue mode) and some steps are optional.
This should work for all Unix systems: Linux distibutions (Debian, Mageia, openSuse, Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch...), BSD variants (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Dragonfly...) and other Unix systems like Open Solaris and Mac OS.

Using File Manager and Mouse:

filemanager image
This is only a rough guide and will not work on all systems, because there are several programs to browse the file system.

Run the PeaFactory

Double click one of the files to start PeaFactory:

If the PeaFactory doesn't start, you have to make the file executable. Right click on the file for properties, change permission by selecting a checkbox executable.

Produce and Run a PEA

Select the checkbox "Create Unix start script?" in PeaFactory. You will then find a shell script along with your archive. It should run by double click. If not, you have to change the permissions of the file to make it executable for User. This can probably done in the file manager (right click the file, go to properties, change permission and select executable).

Using the Konsole:

konsole image

Run the PeaFactory

To start PeaFactory go inside the folder by cd /.../FOLDER_OF_PEAFACTORY and type:
java -jar peafactory.jar
You can also use any of the shell scripts:
or even:
Instead of you can also try (using bash instead of sh)

Run a Produced PEA

Once you produced a PEA (password encrypting archive), you might want to open it.
You will find it inside the folder "peas" of the program.
In most cases, the PEA is executable, but if not, type (inside the folder):
chmod u+x YOUR_PEA.jar
If you selected the checkbox for a shell script, there will be also a file called "" (you have to replace YOUR_PEA by the name of your PEA). You can start by typing:

Separate PEA and Content (optional)

It is a good idea to store the PEA not along with the content. For example you can store the PEA on your hard disk and the content on an USB stick.
If you store the PEA elsewhere and still want to use a the shell script to start, you probably have to create one on your hard disk, because a script might not run on USB stick because of the file system:
vi should work on most systems. You can also try:
pico or
Type: #! /bin/sh cd PATH_TO_THE_DIRECTORY_OF_YOUR_PEA java -jar YOUR_PEA.jar Save the new file and make it executable:
sudo chmod u+x

Running PeaFactory in Test Mode

To run in test mode (a log file will store errors and some system informations) type:
java -jar peafactory.jar -t
or use the script:

Running PEAs in Rescue Mode

If the password failed, but you are sure, it is correct, the reason is probably that the authentication failed. That means, the content was manipulated or just corrupted - for example through one simple bit flipping.
You can restore the content by running the PEA in rescue mode. Type:
java -jar YOUR_PEA.jar -r
Caution: If your password was wrong, the content will overwritten and get lost for ever...

Running PeaFactory on Windows:

Double-click the file peafactory.jar. If this doesn't work, you will find help for example at Windows Tip of the Day.

There is also a bat file: start_windows.bat, that you can open by double-clicking.

Third option is to open the Terminal, change into the directory of the PeaFactory and type java -jar peafactory.jar.
On the Terminal you can also run the PeaFactory in test mode and the PEAs in rescue mode like in Unix-like systems.